How to update your devices Details
Tip: the devices itself wouldn’t indicate anything during updating process

1、 Take out the batteries
2、 Makeevice update,then you can see the computer indicate as below:
3、Finally, click “Update” to finish updating

Tips:Take out the batteries and make USB cable connect the computer first.
Then hold the fire button and make USB cable connect your device at the same time.

1. Can not find the corresponding product upgrade software?
If you can not find the corresponding product upgrade software, because the product upgrade software has not yet released, if you have any suggestions to upgrade the product, you can contact Livechat staff.
2. What if the device cannot turn on after upgrading?Or failed to upgrade?
If the device cannot turn on after upgrading , firstly, please take out the cells, wait for a few minutes, then install the battery.
If you failed to upgrade,you can also change other USB cables or computers for a try.

1.All upgrade software only applies to windows7 system
2.Software can be upgraded repeatedly
Leaking Issues Details
Please do not set it for a long time since the cotton will absorb liquid and will split from the mouth piece while you inhale it. In this case, please upside down the tank and shake the inside spare juice off.
How long does an atomizer last Details
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